Creditors’ Rights/Collections

At the Praet Law Firm we know the failure to collect accounts receivable can put a strain on any business. All of our collections lawyers work hard to get results quickly and efficiently. If it is necessary to sue to recover on lien claims, bond claims, unsecured commercial receivables or retail receivables, or any other amount due, our collection attorneys have the courtroom experience to aggressively litigate any collection claim. We initiate our collection process by speaking with you, the creditor, to make an initial determination of collectability that will inform the extent of the efforts that will be necessary and cost effective.

As debt collectors we understand that you do not want to throw good money after bad on expensive collection litigation if it is unlikely to achieve your goals, and will work with you on a solution to the element of legal costs that will be beneficial to everyone, except the debtor. We are experienced pursuing debt in State and Federal courts including bankruptcy court and foreclosure actions.  Should it become necessary, we assist creditors by defending them in bankruptcy court preference actions. We have experience representing lending institutions, businesses both large and small, and individuals in the pursuit of unpaid receivables and loans.

We represent many private lenders, as well as and seller and purchasers of secured notes. Unfortunately it is a fact of life and lending that these notes do not always perform. We work with our clients to turn nonperforming notes into performing notes, and if that is not possible then we foreclose on the secured assets, whether they are real property or personal property.