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Greetings Triangle Landlords!

We have good news, however temporary it may be.

When going to the City of Raleigh’s Probationary Rental Occupancy Permit (PROP) page you are currently greeted by the following announcement:


Application of the City of Raleigh’s PROP Program has been temporarily suspended due to impending revisions to the ordinance. For that reason, the criteria and accompanying procedure associated with PROP will not be available until a resolution has been approved.

 We had heard rumors that PROP had been suspended but these were not confirmed until recently. Hopefully this is not the calm before the storm. It is not a secret that the City of Raleigh was generating substantial revenue from rental registrations. It is also not a secret that following the passage of SB 683, an act that limited cities ability to charge rental registration fees, seriously cut into Raleigh’s rental registration revenue. There have been proposals put forward whereby the city will recoup its lost revenue through fines that will reach as high as $10,000.00 per property! 

You may wonder what you can do as a property owner or manager. There are a few things. You can join your local Apartment Association of North Carolina affiliate such as the Triangle Apartment Association, and donate to there political action committee. Also, when the PROP changes are introduced, attend the City council meetings and voice your opposition.

We will keep you posted about PROP changes as they are introduced

Warmest regards,

Norm D. Praet, Esq.

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